About us

Meet the team.

HiVE is a tiny indie duo-trio team based in the UK, with a single purpose: to develop and distribute enjoyable, polished game titles which are fun to play.

We develop the kinds of games we like to play. We hope you like them too.


David | Master artificer

David wields the hammer and steel which forge the games at HiVE. His academic areas of interest include research into the use of virtual environments for scientific and historical simulation, and serious games for education and cognitive plasticity training.

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Max | Maestro

Max / Hurtdeer is responsible for the music for most HiVE games. Outside HiVE, he crafts a fine and powerful blend of electronica, dubstep, dubfunk, breakcore, jungle, and other dark and potent alchemical auditories.

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Luke | Umbrella King

Luke is the endlessly charismatic and insanely talented one-man-storm behind the haunting and beautiful acoustic Umbrella Adventure soundtrack. Without his presence, the forest would be a much darker place.

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