Ark 22 is back!

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Ark 22 is back!

Our first ever game – from before HiVE was HiVE – is (finally) ready for public consumption again.

Get it from the Ark 22 page.

To be honest, the game, now almost 10 years old, is showing its age – it’s not particularly slick, flashy, polished, or even probably entirely bug-free. But it’s pretty big, and we think, still plays quite well. If you want to see where it all started – why we make games, why what we do is so important to us – then this is it. Game development is our passion, and Ark 22 is the spark which set the flames.



The major change is performance – the game runs consistently much more smoothly than it did before. There are also some big changes to narration to fix those bits of Ark which didn’t really make even “sci-fi sense”… A lot of balancing too – the brutally quick waterway is now a little more lenient, the pyramid boss is… different. :D And hundreds of tiny, minor polish-up points – a crate moved one tile here, a section of wall reshaped a little there, nearly every NPC’s dialogue refined slightly, and so on. Oh, and the credits screen which now shows your completion and a percentage rating. Check out the screenshots above to see some of the more visible changes.

Oh, and all the cutscenes are now in colour.




Want to read the changelist? It’s here.

Did you enjoy Ark 22 back when it was young? Do you love or hate any of the changes? Let us know! Bugs!? Report them in the comments or via the contact form! Thank you. :)

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  1. I remember playing this quite awhile ago, still remains one of my favourite games. Was a little hard, don’t believe I actually ever past it.. but.. I think I’ma take another try.. perhaps make a Let’s Play of it.
    I’m not sure if I could say this is Nostalgia for me.. but it feels Nostalgic xD

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