Let’s Play: Ark 22

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Let’s Play: Ark 22

This is pretty cool. Youtube user Slaix has put together a 29-video playlist of his playthrough of Ark 22 (the non-updated version with the very…¬†rustic¬†framerate… sorry), which includes all the minigames, collectibles, sidequests, upgrades, and thus, the ‘good’ ending.

As the developer, it’s really great when someone goes to this kind of effort to make what is essentially a very detailed walkthrough of one of our games -the snippets of insight into the player’s view of the game as he plays through it are fascinating; highly recommended for any curious indie game maker.


…especially for finding and fixing bugs. In the game boss.


Once again, your rifle is a good friend, although not the charge shots (they don’t work).



Check it out here.

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