Pragmatica Map-packs

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Pragmatica Map-packs

The real joy of making games is in crafting a little world for someone to explore and enjoy; if anything, the real heart of Pragmatica – the place where the game mechanics shine and where the real high-level play takes place – is the mapmaker.

To build a map in Pragmatica you need to make a puzzle within a puzzle – start with a prototype and try to solve it, change it, break it, and eventually, hopefully, come out with a neat puzzle for someone to flex their brain against.

To play these maps, simply unzip the folder(s) contained in each archive (e.g. ‘/mapppack/’) and copy them to your Pragmatica /maps/ folder on the hard drive (e.g. ‘/Pragmatica/maps/mappack/’). They will appear in the list of Contracts on the main menu like any other maps.

HiVE Basic Map Pack

Author: HiVE

The set of maps which comes included with Pragmatica by default, including both training contracts and the additional ‘A-Maze’ Tournament, Series A and B. Call it on-disc DLC.

Download (included in game download)

Industrial Hot Drinks

Author: Ultimortal

Programmer wanted for sabotage, junk food delivery, evidence removal and arranging accidents. But don’t tell anyone, ok?

Download (included in game download)

Junked: Special Edition

Author: Synonym

After many complaints about the increasingly strange behaviour of the latest model ‘AMov’ security guard bots, them upstairs have decided to junk the lot.


Army Levels

Author: LarryMurk

Sgt. Larry is training some new recruits. Don’t let him down, soldier..

(N.B. Even we don’t have the solutions to these, and they’re really hard. Good luck!)


As a game developer, being sent a map that someone has made for your game, as a token of their enjoyment and desire to really step into the world you’ve made for them, is amazing. If you feel like making some maps for Pragmatica – even just one – we’d love to put them up here. Use the contact form to let us know and we’ll send you an email!

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