Pragmatica soundtrack

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Pragmatica soundtrack

This is Pragmatica – The world’s largest and most reliable distributed autologistics provider

The Pragmatica Foundation brings you this album of highly efficient, logic-friendly musical ambience, guaranteed to increase your critical left-hemisphere recruitment and overall productivity by statistically signifcant margins.

The intervention is composed of seven parts, comprising the “Title Screen” formulation (1 dose, 01:46), the “Tutorial March” (1 dose, 01:48), and the magnum technicus, the Pragmatica Cycle – Movements 1 – 5 (5 doses, 22:20);


Movement 1: Foundation, The first bright light
Movement 2: Inception, The swelling tide
Movement 3: Reflection, Heart of the machine
Movement 4: Transmission, Ripples in darkness
Movement 5: Execution; Arise, arise

Listen to Movements 1-5 here:


…or download┬áthe whole thing here:




So, other than allowing me to practice pointlessly verbose techobabble, Pragmatica was, and remains, a great way to listen to Maestro Hurtdeer’s best work (I think) – his gorgeous, brooding, techno-punk (? ish) soundtrack. I’m not sure most sessions of the average puzzle game last long enough to hear this one all the way through, and I think it deserves to be. Enjoy!

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