Umbrella Adventure soundtrack

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Umbrella Adventure soundtrack

Evening, travellers.

Have you enjoyed the soothing, atmospheric and occasionally haunting work of Luke Sambatree while exploring the forest in Umbrella Adventure?

I have – his incredible music makes the game far more evocative and inviting than we could ever have done without him.

So here it is – you can listen to a selection of tracks (Mill, Hive, Clockwork Garden, Castle and Boss) in the embedded player below…



…or just download the whole thing:




– Enjoy!


  1. Oh man this is awesome. I’ve been meaning to ask you guys about this, obviously never got around to it. Seriously just made my day guys!

  2. Ahh, fantastic! Unfortuately the latest visual update to Umbrella Adventure that added those circley-white-lensflare-like lights made the game unplayable for me (eye condition). Is there any way to turn it off?

  3. Yeah, there’s a few things we haven’t got round to yet either! Glad you like it. :)

    tulio, I’m not sure what you mean there – if you send us an email on the contact form I can have a look at a screenshot and see what the problem is. Doesn’t sound right, and if it’s stopping you from even playing, that needs to change!

  4. Thanks a lot for the solution and quick response, looking forward to check out your future projects for sure!

  5. hey i cry when i hear that :’(
    that game is my childwood, thanks

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